After having been photographer for the very first Dukes Reunion, it was a real pleasure to be the photographer at "Cooter's Last Stand" for the 2017 reunion of Daisy, Luke and Bo Duke!

Another great year at the Erie County Fair! Thanks so much to the fair for having us, for you who attended our show, and to my favorite singing partner, Pauline, who joined us for a rendition of "Jackson".

Don't forget.....the new Gospel CD is available and makes a great present for fans of country gospel done the way it was meant to be!

The Inaugural After-Jamboree Party was a huge success! Many thanks to the crew at the Wadsworth Grille who made it a great evening!

Speaking of Jamboree In The Hills, it was a great pleasure to visit with my friend Aaron Tippin at 'the Hills, my 40th year playing and enjoying the "Super Bowl of Country Music"..

...and who can miss the many car shows and "cruise" weekends in Western New York! Sandy and I were fortunate in getting to our share of them again this year.

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Meet Craig Wilkins. From initial inspiration from Johnny Cash to playing with Cash's legendary Tenessee Three...travelling the globe with a world-famous wrestler and being the official photographer for the Super Bowl of Country Music. Find out more about Craig's fascinating journey.